Sunday, July 19, 2009

A week of Feminine Dress

I decided to do a week in Feminine dress, I have seen this done on other people's blogs and thought it was a nice idea. I am not a dresses/skirts only person but I do prefer to wear something very feminine. I like to look nice for my husband, and I do feel more feminine when I wear a dress or skirt. For me it has been very hard to find things that look nice since I am a big sized woman. I bought this jean skirt about 2 years ago and wear it quite often. I used to buy only t-shirts with a regular round neck and when I recently went shopping for some new things I tried to find things that were more girl looking. NO more round neck t-shirts for me, I want things with cute little sleeves, cute colors, and some sort of cute neckline. I also am making more of an effort to look nicer on a daily basis for my husband. Sometimes there are days when he leaves for work and I am still in my pajamas (as it is VERY early in the morning) and since he gets home so late I have already put my pajamas back on. He doesn't even see what I actually wore that day. This week I plan on making the effort to be dressed very pretty and feminine looking for him.

Since I had Roger take a picture of me yesterday at my sisters house I am using that day as my day one so my week actually started on Saturday and will go until Friday.

Saturday~ Day one of a Week in feminine dress~

Sunday~ Day two of a week in feminine dress~

Yes, Just so you know I do know that I am a large woman and probably don't look all that great in a skirt but as long as my husband thinks I am beautiful that's all that really matters to me.


  1. I,too,am a big woman(short,but round not a good combination).I am dresses/skirts only.I think you look very nice:)

  2. I think you are beautiful both inside and out!

    Btw...I am a large woman and I wear skirts/tops 95% of the time.

  3. If I may ask, where do you get your skirts? I am a short, larger woman and have a very hard time finding modest skirts. I think you look great in yours. I feel that the Lord is leading me to dress more feminine but I am having such a hard time finding skirts.

  4. You are a very beautiful lady. Personally I see no size in any of us only the light of each smile and the glow of being a child of GOD.

    ~Mrs. M

    P.S. I too have seen others do the week of feminine dress and thought it was awesome. But I didn't want to steal their idea. I am reconsidering and thinking I might borrow the idea for myself.


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