Friday, July 24, 2009

Fragrant Memories

I know this little bottle of body splash may seem like an unusual picture to put on a blog but I have a wonderful story that goes along with it so just bear with me....

Most of the people who have read my blog for any length of time know that I have had a friend in the past who ended up not being as good a friend as I thought she was. Well lately I have been thinking of her. In the past year when I have thought about our friendship it has always been very negative, and then comes in this body splash fragrance.
When I first me this nice lady online it was through a message board called Organized Home, lots of friendly people there. There is still a message board with most of the original people but it is at a new location as Organized Home dismantled their message boards. Anyway...when I first started "talking" with this lady through posts and e-mail I found out that she just loved a fragrance from Bath and Body Works called Brown sugar and fig, when I first heard the name I thought ~what a horrible name for a fragrance and I bet it smells gross!! Her birthday which is in June was coming and I thought I would buy her some of her favorite fragrance from Bath and Body Works. I went to the store and found all kinds of things, body wash, lotions, splashes, etc... all in this fragrance. I even decided to smell it to see what it smelled like. Wow I actually liked it, not too flowery, just right. I also decided to get myself some :) So fast forward a few years and we get to the part where she decided to end our friendship and I for so long have had such a problem with this...why because I still think of our friendship everyday!! I stopped posting on the message board thinking that way I won't think about her or our friendship, but that hasn't helped. The other day when I got out of the shower and I spayed the body splash on like I do daily it hit me!!!! This wonderful lady that I got to know online and through e-mail and through many phone calls I also got to meet in person once when we had made a trip to Missouri (she lives right across the river in Illinois). When she pulled up in her silver van same make and model as my own, and got out she gave me a very huge hug and she smelled just like that brown sugar and fig now when I go to spray that on every day,sometimes more than once a day I find that my mind wanders back to that exact moment, that wonderful hug. That's when I realized that even though our friendship is over I will not forget the wonderful moments we had, the funny phone calls, the many many e-mails and I will NEVER forget that HUG!! Even though I know she doesn't ever come to my blog I just want this put in writing somewhere to be remembered. Jackie~ I enjoyed our friendship while it lasted and am very sorry for whatever happened between us....I pray for Joy, Peace and happiness for you and your entire family.
Thank you my blogging friends for letting me express my feelings and having to endure reading all my problems and goings on in my life.


  1. Oh Joann you are really a gift from God, you have such a kind and friendly heart, and I pray that you and I can be and stay really good friends. Even through we stay miles and miles (I am on the east coast you are on the west coast lol) apart I can learn alot from you and your kind heart. Your friends and family are truly blessed to have you in their lives.May God keep and bless you and your family always and if you just want to talk you have my number call me I am just a phone call away.

  2. Sweet post! I love brown sugar and fig fragrance too! Someone told me that Bath and Body has stopped making it.... do you know?


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