Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's activities at the Allen home...

I finally got some things put back in the garden window, those two quilted mats are from my good friend Vickie from Humpty Doo Australlia..I have them turned over from the way they were just for a change. Still trying to figure out what will go back in the window and what won't. I kind of like it all open right now, so will have to see what I think will look nice

Garden window almost back together~

I picked up these two fabrics to make some valances for the grand kids bedroom windows, the princess of course is for Kaitlyn and the transformers is for Dylan. I also picked up a little extra of both fabrics so I can make them each a pillow out of the same fabric.

Kaitlyn's and Dylan's window fabric~

I did a couple of things in the kitchen today one was to cut up three Vidalia onions and put in ziploc bags, Roger uses them in his tuna that he has for lunch everyday. I didn't think to take a picture of the onions or the salad I made but I did take pictures of the cantaloupe I cut up..oh it is so sweet and yummy

Cantaloupe ready to cut up~

Here is the process, I take them and cut them into strips, then take them off the rind and then cut them up into little chunks~

The finished product with the counter all cleaned up~

I also got the hallway vacuum cleaner closet done the way I wanted it, it's not much different than the last picture of it. I put a basket up on the top shelf to hold all the vacuum accessories, and I labeled everything with my handy dandy label maker~

I got all of my cleaning chores done and also worked on my Wednesday cleaning chores as I am going to go visit my Mom on Wednesday so don't have to worry about getting behind. Please keep me in your prayers as my Mom and I don't have the best relationship so visiting is kind of stressful for me.


  1. Cantaloupe is my favorite fruit too. Yummy! Your window is pretty and so CLEAN! Your closet looks great... I need to catch the organization bug. :o(

  2. You are a busy bee!!!!
    I will be praying for your relationship with your mom. There is nothing like a Mommy. God is a God of restoration! He can make old things new. Just love on her!! And if you can't then ask Jesus to love on her through you!


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