Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jennifer and her family in Disneyland FINALLY!!!

I have been waiting to get pictures from Jennifer since they went to Disneyland in March for Dylan's birthday...
So finally here they are...
Dylan with Tigger~

Dylan with Chip~

Dylan with Goofy~

Dylan with Minnie Mouse~

Dylan with Tinkerbell~

Here are the kids with their mouse ears on~

And here Katie is giving Winnie the Pooh a great big hug~

There are of course a lot more pictures of Dylan since it was his birthday, but there are some of Katie too~

Katie with Dale~

Katie and Dylan with a princess~
Katie and Dylan on the carousel~

They had a wonderful time.


  1. They looked as if they had so much fun. Joann you have some beautiful grand babies and I know they make you so proud, whoever take the pictures did a wonderful job, Oh how I love all the wonderful smiles.

  2. What sweet pic's! I'm sure they had such a good time. I've never been there, have you?


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