Sunday, July 12, 2009

More summer cleaning projects...

I did a little more work on some of the summer cleaning projects. I really hadn't planned on doing anymore today as I was just plain tired, but then one thing just kind of lead to another and before you know it more things were done. I guess I shouldn't complain at least they are done!

I got this drawer emptied~

This is what it looked like before being emptied~

These are some of the items that will go back in that drawer~

Sadly I haven't taken the picture where it is all put back together...I guess there is always tomorrow..I will post the picture tomorrow!

I have to show you this drawer, it is my favorite drawer in the entire kitchen, it holds everything so nicely and I can find what I want so easily~

I also worked on this cabinet on the stove side of the kitchen~



I make it a habit to make sure that I have these 3 cleaning products in both of my bathrooms at all times. It makes doing a quick clean daily so much easier.
Here are the ones in the Master Bathroom~

Here are the ones in the Hallway Bathroom~

I also managed to get some of the things put back on the shelves in the vacuum closet, but I am not totally happy with the way it turned out so I will be doing some rearranging in the next few days..Here is what it looks like right now~

Well that's all for tonight, it's almost 12:30AM and my back has been hurting quite a lot today. I have taken my pain medicine and am waiting for it to kick in so I can go lay down. One of the best places for my back is sitting here in my craft room in my nice office chair, it has a nice high back on it and it just feel so good to sit here for a while. For those who don't know~ I have severe back pain almost daily, for this I am on pain killers on a daily basis, also a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflamatory . Some days are good others not so good.
Have a very Blessed Sunday, I plan on doing no work tomorrow at all for it is the Lord's day, a day of rest!

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  1. You sure did get a lot done. That before pic of the drawer looks like an after pic!!
    Praying for your back.


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