Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have been forgetting to take a picture of the garden window after I put it all back together. So I took one the other day and then forgot to post it. Boy am I getting forgetful.
Here is the garden window~

I went shopping the other day to buy some things for the F-R-I-E-N-D-S swap I am doing and of course had to get myself some things too :) I purchased these 4 pillows and I just love them. They go so nicely with the colors in the living room and I love the sheep and the prim look of them.

Pillows on the sofas in our living room~

Then of course I have to show you what I find most days when I go in to make the bed~

Yes that is our little princess, she thinks that, that great big king sized bed is all for her. Do you see how much room she takes up for a little dog???
On Monday I was so happy to find a letter from Matthew in my mailbox. Haven't heard from him in a while so was starting to get a little worried about him. He sent his new address for Basic Training so I of course wrote him a letter and sent it about 2 hours later :), can you tell that I miss him??? This is his 2nd week of Basic training and I would like to ask for any prayers for him, I would be so ever grateful.
Hope everyone is having a very blessed Tuesday....

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  1. Your window is so pretty.... love the display. Love the doggie on the bed... that is a familiar sight at my house too. The pillows are pretty... where did you find those?


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