Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our weekend

This weekend was kind of busy! On Saturday as we had a birthday party to go to for my Nephew~He turned 18!!

We also got to see Katie and Jennifer, Chris was working and Dylan was at his Dad's. We had a nice time and I of course got some cute pictures of Katie!!

Here she is on the floor next to the curio cabinet, she was fascinated by the things inside~

Here she is with Roger and Jennifer~

And of course here she is with me~

This is what I wore to the party, I love this jean skirt and wear it most times when I wear a skirt~

Here is Roger and Me~

Sunday was a much more laid back day, I decided that I was taking the weekend off from any cleaning so I will have lots of work to do come Monday morning. I will start the dishwasher tonight since I didn't run it last night. Roger and I watched some old movies and just enjoyed being together. The weekends seem to go by so quickly and the weeks so slowly. Roger is out BBQ~ing chicken for our dinner tonight and I am making some mashed potatoes and green beans.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and remember to watch for the first post for the 30-day husband encouragement challenge bright and early Monday morning.

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  1. What a nice family weekend. I love your skirt. You should do the Feminine Fridays.


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