Monday, July 20, 2009

A Week of Feminine dress, day 3

Here is today's feminine dress outfit~

Someone left a comment asking where I bought the skirt. Being a large woman it is very hard to find large sizes. I remember a few years ago a fellow blogger did a week of the way she dressed and I left her a comment telling her I loved to wear skirts and such but couldn't find things in my size (very large). She was trying to help and pointed me in the direction of a modest dress website. I loved their clothes but what this lady didn't understand when I say that I am a large woman I mean it, there clothing went up to an x-large. I guess when you wear like a size 2 maybe you don't realize there are larger sizes out there. The sizes I wear have two numbers in them and they aren't little numbers they start with a 2? and go up, yes people there are sizes like this out there you just have to find them. That particular skirt and the one from today actually I purchased at a place called Woman within, they have what I call normal sizes :) I found most things in their clearance section. The blue skirt that I am wearing today I also bought in black and a coral color because they were clearanced to $4.88 each. Can't even make one for that price. The jean skirt was $7.88. All good deals.
Hope that helps anyone out there who isn't a small size, and from what I have seen on the web, at blogs and just in the public most people aren't small in size. They are more like me!!

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  1. Your skirt looks very comfortable. I love the color.
    I like skirts with a waist band...It grows with me and shrinks with me!


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