Saturday, July 11, 2009

The summer cleaning projects began today!!

Jennifer called today and said that she and Katie where going to come over and visit for a while. I said that was great as I have a ton of things I want her to go through before I give them away to goodwill.
I Then began taking everything out of the pantry that we don't use any more, things like the bread machine, the deep fryer, ect..

This is what the table looked like with all the items on it~

And this is what the pantry looks like with all that gone~
The top part~

The bottom part~

Not much different than before I started but every item on the shelving is going to be taken out and then I will be cleaning the shelves and putting things back in.

I also started on the 2 hallway closets, I took most of this out of the vacuum closet~

This is what the shelves look like right now~

The linen closet before ~

The linen closet during the cleaning~

That's all I have done so far today, have a lot of work ahead of me but when it is all done I will feel so much better about our home being more organized and clean.

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  1. Wow you've made a lot of progress! Everything looks great :) I wish my pantries and closets were this organized. I'm planning to use the next rainy spell we have (when I'm stuck in the house) to take care of some of our clutter ;)
    Have a blessed evening :)


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