Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tonight's dinner

I am feeling very tired tonight and have started to get one of my headaches. Roger suggested having pizza and salad for dinner and that was fine with me.

I just got done making the salad, so just need to pop the pizza's in the oven in a couple of hours and dinner is done :) And only 7 Weight Watchers points for one of the french bread pizzas and salad is zero points gotta love that!!


  1. That salad looks great! I was too tired to make what was on my menu for tonight either after having to drive for a couple hours and go feed the animals at my MIL's house while she gone. So, I just made a quick pot of chili. I wish we'd had frozen pizza lol. Take it easy and rest this evening. :) Hope your headache gets better.

  2. Thanks for the pizza info. I'll definitely buy some of those .. so far, I'm still doing great on the WW plan!


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