Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time with Jennifer and the grandkids...

What a wonderful time Roger and I had today. We met Jennifer, Dylan and Katie at the mall in Tracy (that's about the halfway point for us both to meet). We wanted to get a few things for Dylan since he starts Kindergarten on Tuesday of this coming week. Since he is just starting Kindergarten he really didn't NEED any school supplies but we thought it would be nice to at least get him a few things. I remember when my children were little and I was very poor, being a single mom, my sister always took my kids and got them lots of things for school that I knew I just couldn't afford to do. Now it is my turn to do that for my daughter and her kids, she isn't a single mom but even with her husband working it's hard to make ends meet so we like to help out when we can.

We started in the shoe department where Dylan found a pair with spiderman on them that light up when you stomp them (he will be doing lots of stomping !!)~

Katie was very good and waited very paitently while we looked at the shoes~

Then it was on to the backpack area, there were lots to choose from and he had some help from his Grandpa~

Katie also found a backpack she liked, but I kind of talked her out of it since she really didn't need one anyway~

We also found some pants for him which is kind of hard to do, he is 5 years old and can wear a 4T for the waist but needs the length of a 5T so we usually buy the pants that have the adjustable waist and get the 4T's . Sorry I didn't take a picture of the clothing section! He got one pair of Blue jeans and one pair of gray colored jeans and a shirt that he really liked that says "Rock and Roll" on it, he was very happy that I let him get that shirt....

Here we are up at the register, Dylan said he was going to pay but Grandpa paid instead :)~

The bag we got was almost as big as Dylan~

Here is Dylan and Katie being silly in the back of their van~

Another picture of them sitting very nicely (well kind of!!!)

This picture is of Jennifer's new van (new to her) it's real nice and will come in handy with the kids and all there stuff. It's the same type of van as ours but ours is a 2002.

1998 Dodge grand caravan~

We had another stop to make to make to find a necklace for Katie, a princess necklace~

Then our last stop was at Wendy's for lunch~

The kids getting in the van ready to go home~

Katie all buckled up and ready to go...oh she's showing that she got gum on the bottom of her shoe, silly girl isn't she???

What a blessed day we had, everyone had fun and even Roger on the way home remarked about how good it was to see Jennifer and the kids. Since they moved we don't see them as often and especially Roger since he works so many long hard days. I feel so blessed to have my wonderful children and grandchildren they mean everything to me.

Hope everyone's weekend is going as beautifully as mine.



  1. How wonderful to get the spend the day with your daughter and grandkids like that. My girls are all at home still, but I truly hope that when they're older and have kids, that I am able to see them often and spoil them and get them things they need like you two did. Great pics today too!

  2. Joann, thanks for stopping by. I'd be honored to have you add me! :)

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day! It must have been fun school shopping with the grandkids. I am looking forward to that!!! How far away does your daughter live from you?


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