Saturday, December 4, 2010

Look what came to our home today...

I posted a while ago about our new recliners that we purchased, well we had nothing but problems with them from the very beginning and after a lot of complaining and such we were allowed to have them returned and we picked out somethin else.

This is what we had picked up today~

And this is what was delivered today~

These chairs should have no problems, there isn' t really much that can break or not work. We really like the fabric and coloring. They are also very comfy to sit in and the dogs love the ottomans it is like their own personal sitting spot : )

I also am going to include just one picture of a new outfit just for that one friend who wanted to see what I got....This is the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn, even more comfortable than my jean skirt!! I also got 2 more skirts in a black and also a kahki colored one, plus 4 more long sleeved shirts.
Have a very blessed weekend and thanks so much for stopping by...


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  2. Just had a look at your nice blog. I was searching for pictures of folded fabric, which you might have posted a long time ago. I also have a cousin serving overseas. My thoughts are with you. Sewing is a good distraction to just about all that ails! Have a look at my blog if you'd like. Kris, SoundStitches blog


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