Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I went shopping today and had a blast!!!

Today being 3 days after christmas I thought it was time for me to go out and spend some of my Christmas money. Armed with my coupons for Joann's I set out on my venture.
First I went to Beverley's fabrics, they are usually a little more pricey than Joann's but they have good sales.

There I came across something I hadn't seen yet....Kona cotton fat quarters $2 each, they had every color you could think of but since I use them for embroidery I usually stick to the lighter colors so I can transfer patterns easier.

These are the colors I chose~

I also came across this package of buttons called Bag-O-Buttons and I really liked the colors. I don't have lots of buttons but these were just so pretty, I also purchased a smaller bag of some different colors~

I only spent $23 at Beverley's. So onto Joann's this is where I like to spend my time, I love to look at all the pretty fabrics all lined up by color.

These were my purchases at Joann's~

Sidewinder~ I had been wanting one of these for a while now and had a 40% off coupon plus 20% off entire order, so it was a great deal~

Some aida cloth for cross stitching~

I also picked up this thread box with 26 spools of gutterman thread for 19.99(minus the 20% off)

I of course have to show you this cute little bobbin holder I bought, never seen such a small holder, it was on sale for $4.19 (minus 20%) Isn't it just the cutest thing??~

Here is a shot of everything I got today, I am so happy with everything.

I ended up spending a little over $50 at Joann's but with my coupons saved $36 so that would have been $86 dollars if I didn't have any coupons. I love it when they send out coupons!!

I am trying to go through all of my counted cross stitch books, and magazines to pick out 15 things for that challenge that starts on January first. I am mainly going to do small things and maybe one medium sized project. I almost always buy 14 count aida cloth for cross stitching, I know lots of people use different types of fabric and linens but I am most comfortable with the type I bought today. I am kind of excited about starting some cross stitch, as I had said in my last post I haven't done counted cross stitch in many years (I think I left out the part about many years and made it sound like I had never done it, but I have just many many years ago)I am also going to sit down and make a list of items I would like to make for friends and relatives for this coming year. I can't believe it is almost 2011.


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  1. Your shopping finds look like lots of FUN! I love having extra money to shop in fun stores like that. I know better than to challenge myself "publicly"... LOL... but I do have a few unfinished projects that I hope to complete this year. Can't wait to see your progress!


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