Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bren This post is for you!!!

Recently I ordered a couple of skirts and some new long sleeved shirts and my friend Bren told me I should do a fashion show. Well I am not doing a fashion show but I did take a picture of my recent clothes that I got. My original order was for 3 skirts and 4 shirts and Roger said I could order some more. I was wanting enough skirts so I would have one for every day. So I ordered 4 more skirts and 6 more shirts. The picture above is my order. From left to right the skirts on the bottom of the picture are Charcoal grey, kahki, navy blue and black, they are all the same skirt just different colors. This skirt is the most comfortable skirt I have ever owned. The shirts that are sitting on top of the skirts are either mock turtlenecks or regular turtlenecks. From left to right Oatmeal, Wisteria,Pink,brown and navy blue, I know that is only 5, the red one I wore yesterday and is in the laundry. Today I am still in my jammies so haven't decided what I will wear today. :) I ordered all of this from a place called Woman Within, the skirts are called sport knit and they cost regular price $21.99, I got them for $15.99 each, the shirts regular price is $13.99 and I got htem for $11.99 and also buy two get one free so I got two of them for free.

Now on to the subject of dresses/skirts only, this will be short and not a long drawn out explaination.

I am NOT dresses/skirts only and I do not believe you have to wear only dresses/skirts for salvation. I wear skirts and dresses because I like to, I feel more feminine, I feel more modest and I just feel more like me when I wear them. I know there are lots of blogs out there where the woman feels she has to wear a dress or skirt out of conviction for her faith. That is fine and I am not saying they are wrong. What I post on my blog is my opinion, some may agree with me and some may not and that is their choice. I like to wear a skirt and do so most of the time, but I also wear sweats and jeans some times too. Basically I like to be comfortable and wearing a skirt to me is very comfortable. I feel that God is more interested in our heart than what we are wearing. I also feel that modesty is way more important that the whole dresses/skirt thing. There was one blog that I used to read who was a dresses/skirts only person and some of the dresses she showed that she wore were very un modest. I wear long skirts or dresses almost everyday and my relationship with the Lord is wonderful. If and when I wear a pair of jeans or put on my sweats My realtionship with the Lord is the same. I would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on this subject even if you don't agree with me. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you feel.

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  2. I've heard all sorts of arguments about women wearing dresses only, and I agree that I have also seen PLENTY dresses that were not modest at all! I think modesty can be done in all forms... skirts, dresses, or pants. I personally like skirts too, especially in summer time, as I do not wear shorts, and skirts are so much cooler to wear! I don't think God cares too much what we wear... He just wants us to love HIM. Just like the neck tie issue with men.... some churches (mine included) think men should wear ties to church all the time. My question: what color tie did Jesus wear??? Neck ties came along with fashion... there is nothing biblical about a neck tie! I love all your new clothes and I hope you enjoy them!


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