Monday, December 6, 2010

What a wonderful Monday...

I made an executive decision to take today off. I did absolutely nothing!! This past weekend I did a lot of crocheting and fearing having to wear my brace let my hand have a resting period. I worked approximately 8 hours on Sunday on a Christmas present for a good friend and I am pleased with my progress but was I hurting by the end of the day...I am making some scarves for the grandkids and with my other crochet projects that makes about 8 more items that need to get done as soon as I can. The kids scarves go pretty quickly but the other things take much more time.

Today I also re-signed up for Weight Watchers, it is a great program and I had quit going thinking I could do it on my own, but I have gained over half of what I lost back again I was so dissapointed...not only had I fallen off the weight loss wagon I was being dragged behind it for a long time!!! I will start going to the meetings again on Wednesday mornings and I will try and curb my cravings for foods that I know are bad for me.

I have all of the Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree, I even have the stocking stuffers bought. I am still waiting for one gift that I had to order on line but it should be here pretty soon. So I guess I was wrong they are not ALL wrapped and under the tree.

I don't have any pictures to post tonight and I usually do, so it feels kind of strange to post without pictures. Tomorrow I am making a trip to Joann's to look for a gift for a friend that I need to get in the mail pretty soon, would like to get it sent out by Friday. Mattie called the other day and said his packages that I had sent made it and he really liked the blanket we sent him,he had wanted a down comforter wich was a little out of our price range. I did find a reasonably priced alternative down blanket and sent it to him. I am praying it keeps him warm.

Our Christmas tree is still not finished and no other decorating has been done, just not in the Christmas mood yet I guess. I keep trying to make myself more Christmassy but so far no luck : (

Blessings to all who have stopped to visit my blog may your week be greatly blessed. I appreciate one and all who visit.



  1. Hooray for taking a day off! I've not even started shopping! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. We haven't even *gotten* our tree yet! ;) We've just been too busy! So you are one step ahead of us! That is wonderful about WW! It is a great program! You will do fantastic! Keep smiling JoAnn! Each new day is a fresh day to serve God. He loves you so much!
    I hope you have a truly enjoyable Tuesday! :)


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