Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A rainy Wednesday..

Today it rained most of the day. I turned on the Christmas tree lights and since it was kind of dark and gloomy outside it made our home just glow. I sat in one of the new chairs with my feet up two dogs on my ottoman and crocheted while I listened to the rain coming down. What a joy it is to be home and not out and about today. I had plans on going to Target but after talking with my husband and him telling me about all the accidents he had seen on his way to work, he thougth it would be best for me to stay home and not be out in the rain. Now my family would look at what I just wrote and take it that Roger was not allowing me to go somewhere and my take on him saying that is that he is concerned with my safety. Does anyone else out there have any problems with their families not understanding that your husband is the head of your household and you are submissive (I almost hate to even use that word) those of you who live by the Bible know what I am talking about. Anyway I had a very enjoyable day even cleaning the bathrooms....just knowing that I am blessed to be able to stay home ,where I believe any Mom or wife should be (just my opinion)and take care of my home and my husband.

Roger is on his way home from work right now, I have potatoes on the stove and I have had pork chops in the crock pot all day. Just need to finish up with the potatoes and warm up some veggie and dinner will be done. I also made a big salad. A wonderful home cooked meal... Pork chops mashed potatoes w/ gravy salad and a veggie (I am thinking of peas) Yum Yum!!!

I think I may finish up the item I am working on this evening after dinner time and kitchen clean up. I had purchased the movie Avatar for Roger for his birthday and we haven't watched it yet..we are real big movie people but we watch at home not at the theatre. I love sitting in my own home with my husband, our pets and watch a movie. I haven't been to a theatre for probably over a year maybe even two years. Someone gave us movie passes one Christmas and we didn't use them until the following Christmas. We are just homebodies. We love our home and the love you feel in it when you walk in.

Got to get working on dinner, Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it.

I plan on doing a post this week about a question someone asked me recently They asked me if I was dresses/skirts only and if so was it for salvation. I will explain my thoughts on the subject.



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  2. I too also think that was so sweet of Roger to want you to stay in out of the bad weather. I love when my hubby worry about me too. Really who would not. Today I have just been trying to get my new video post up since I had the sickies in my home last week. But Cedric and I love staying home watching movies with the children. We don't really go to the theater because that is a lot of money for 7 people even the Mattnee shows here are still 5 dollars a piece and plus I really enjoy the cozy time we all get to spend together in PJs and eating whatever we wanted lol......We watched Jim Carey's a Christmas Carol last night and laughed until we felt we would bust...: ) but the weather here is nice but cold so the children and I will be staying in and keeping warm....


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