Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I purchased these two Yankee candles to try and lighten my mood and make our home smell wonderful, I now know why these candles are so expensive. They fill your entire home with wonderful fragrances. They cost quite a bit but worth every penny!

I also Did some Bible reading starting at the first of December~

I worked as hard as I could and was able to get both Dylan's and Katie's scarves finished late Christmas eve.

Grandkids Scarves, obviously Katies is the light blue/pink/purple one and Dylan's is the one with his favorite colors orange and green~

Sadly with trying to get everything together to go over to Jennifer's Christmas morning the two scarf presents were accidently left at home. Really made me kind of mad after working so hard to get them finished on time. Oh well they are done and they turned out pretty cute even if I do say so myself : )

I also made up two dishcloths for Molly and Mandy's groomer, her name is Pam and she is just wonderful with them. I didn't wrap them in Christmas wrap just wrapped a ribbon around them~

Our Fireplace with all the stockings~

Our Christmas tree with all the presents underneath~

Our Christmas 2010 will be one we will always remember as the Christmas without Mattie and Oreo. We do need to remember those that were here and we had a wonderful time at Jennifer's house with the grandkids. There is nothing better than seeing children open presents. When we first got there Dylan asked "Did you bring any presents" and of course we did, we had 2 large garbage bags full and 3 smaller bags. We had got a bunch of things from the 99 cent store you know the kind of stuff that you are lucky will last a day or so but they really seemed to like those things. Mainly we bought board games, they like to sit as a family and play games.

Grandkids opening presents boy were they fast~

Jennifer and the kids made a birthday cake for Jesus and they sang Happy Birthday Thougth it was so cute...The cake tasted so good. Jennifer knows how to make a good tasting cake!!!

We gave Jennifer her special gift of a Bible~

This is a closer look at the front of the box~

Here is the cover, it's purple her favorite color. We also had her name put on it.~

This is the inside, it's a study Bible, something she had been wanting~

Here are some of the gifts Roger gave me~

Gaither DVD's~


web cam~

These are the gifts I gave him, don't exactly know what they are for but he does :)

I pray that everyone had a great Christmas and will have a very blessed and peace filled New Year.


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  1. Looks like you guys had a good Christmas! I love the study Bible... the color is gorgeous. Your scarves turned out nicely. I'm still working on an embroidery project that will be given this Thursday, our last family Christmas gathering. I hope I can get it done!


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