Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A busy Tuesday so far

The day is almost over as far as homekeeping in concerned. I still have laundry going and am waiting right now for the washer to get done so I can change it over to the dryer. Since our laundry area is located in the garage and when the truck is in the garage I can't get to the machines, every day I do laundry I have to move out the truck to the driveway and it has to be back in the garage by the time Roger gets home so he can park in the driveway with the blazer. Some days this being one of them I got a late start on laundry so I am now trying to squeeze in as much as I can get done before 6pm. I think it will end up being 3 loads. It takes 50 minutes for the washing part and I have been using my timer today...it keeps me from forgetting all about laundry which I have been know to do many times.

I picked up some new yarn today for a couple more projects for Christmas, so now my list is 10 things instead of 8. I am very excited about the gift I ordered online for my daughter. I won't mention what it is because I think she reads my blog sometimes. But I will certainly take a picture of it when Christmas is over and it will no longer be a suprise. I think she will be happy with it.

Today has been a day of catch up....that is one problem with taking a day off :) things I should have got done yesterday had to be done today with todays things. Tuesday is bedroom day and Monday is living room day. So I had to do monday's room today. Tomorrow is wednesday and that is bathrooms day I really hate cleaning the bathrooms but really they don't take as long as I think they do.

When I was out today I also picked up some wonderful gifts for a good friend, Need to get them packed up to ship out on Friday. These days of December seem to be going so fast. I keep thinking I have plenty of time to get everything made and shipped out but in reality I need to get my behind in gear and get working on things.

I pray anyone who comes to my blog and reads my post has a wonderful Tuesday and rest of the week.

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