Monday, November 29, 2010

Mandy turns one year old today!!

The newest member of our family Mandy a Schnorkie is turning one year old today. We purchased her on February 13, 2010(but she was born on 11-29-2009) from a place called they seem to be a reputable place to get a puppy and we are so happy with Mandy. She looked more like a yorkie when she was smaller but when I had her cut with a schauzer look she looks like a miniature, miniature schnauzer and that is fine with me. I have always wanted a miniature schnauzer and now I have one. She was purchased as a dog for Roger, I got to pick Molly out so he got to pick out the next dog and he did kind of.But with him working so many hours she hardly ever sees him so she is really attached to me. She is my little shadow she goes everywhere I go and is sometimes under feet but that's okay with me I enjoy her company a whole bunch.

Here are a few pictures of Mandy growing up over this past year.~

On the ride home sitting in my lap~

In her pink bed~

In the living room playing with some of her toys~

In the kitchen waiting for some food to drop on the floor~

and relaxing on the couch~

Here is what she looks like now and what she does most of the day with her big sister Molly~

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