Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have returned!!

Ever since I have changed from using this blog to the newer blog I have felt totally not with it, now I am not saying that this blog makes me magically different or better but I do feel somewhat strangely more like a home keeper. Maybe it's just the name of the blog, that it mentions Titus 2 I don't know all I do know is that right now in my life I need all the help I can get at being a homekeeper.
Today so far I got up, let the dogs out, got Roger off to work and then nothing else has gotten done yet, but I am trying my best to get myself going get myself pointed in the right direction. Hey I may suprise myself and make dinner tonight :)
Our weather here has changed in the past few weeks, now it is mainly cool, not cold yet but definately cool. Roger leaves in the morning when it is dark and comes home in the dark, not a good thing feel like the day is just gone in a flash.
Sorry this is kind of a jumbled up post...just writing out my feelings as they come to me.

Hope to get back on track, this may take some time so please bear with me.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for keeping with me through all my jumping around.


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  2. I emailed you...I hope you received it!
    Sending prayers up for you! xo

    Katy :)

  3. I'm having a hard time getting motivated this morning too. I did clean out my refrig. last night.... wow, it is so pretty this morning!! Have a great day!


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