Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A sad day for our family.

Today is a very sad day, I took our cat Oreo to the vet expecting some test and medicine to make him better. Lately he had been loosing weight, stopped eating, wasn't drinking very much and had no strenght to even walk hardly. They did all kinds of tests on him and came back with a very bleak outcome. The choices were to put him in the hospital for 3-4 days and then send him home where I would have to keep giving him under the skin injections for a while but all that would really do was put off to another day what really needed to be done. Option #2 put him to sleep. Wow I was totally not prepared for that option and being there by myself and having to make such a major decision without my family around was very hard to do but after doing all the test I found out he was in major kidney failure, dehydrated, and anemic. The last two were fixable but not the kidney failure. So after much thougth and feeling that I had done everything possible to keep him alive(we didn't care how much it cost to do all we could)I went ahead and made that horrible decision I did not want to make. I thought that it seemed very selfish of myself to keep him alive if he is suffering, because I wasn't thiking of him.So I thought about it and decided to have him put to sleep. I really wanted Roger to be there but in the end I know that even if he was there we would have come to the same decision. I was very sorry that Jennifer and Matthew weren't able to say goodbye, also Roger didn't get to either, it was just me !Jennifer and Matthew both loved Oreo very much and I know they will miss him just as much as I and Roger do.

We got Oreo from an ad in the paper, he was already an adult cat and we had him approximately 16 years. When we first got him his name was Sweet Pea, wich the kids and I thougth was kind of strange for this very large adult male cat, so we named him oreo because of his coloring, actually his name was double stuffed oreo since he was over weight but when Mattie was little he called him Sweet Pea all the time he would even sing him a song for him to go to sleep. Oreo used Mattie's back one time for a spring board and left a large scratch on his back of which he still has the scar.We gave him a wonderful life and I know he was a very happy cat. He wasn't all that thrilled when we brought Molly home and really didn't like it when Mandy first came here to live. I still have my wonderful husband Roger, my children and my 2 little dogs but I will miss Oreo very much. We don't know his actual birthday but I have always put on any paper work 1994 because that is when we got him.

We think of our pets as part of our family and would do everything possible no matter what the cost to take care of them. But sometimes the best thing for the pet has nothing to do with money.

Oreo very beloved pet Oreo 1994-November 24, 2010

Here are a few pictures of Oreo~

In his most favorite spot~


  1. I'm so sorry. We lost our cat in the spring and I still miss him. We brought him home when he was a kitten and our kids were babies themselves. He actually looked very similar to your Oreo. Sending you {{hugs}} ~Alana~

  2. I'm very sorry. I had a cat I got before I was even married and he was around for the birth of 4 of my kids. We had him 14 years before he passed on. He was a true member of the family, and kind of like my first kid. I still miss him though it's been 5 years and I still compare all other cats to him. I'm glad you have pictures and lots of great memories of Oreo. He was gorgeous. *hugs*

  3. Ahhh, JoAnn, I am so sorry to read about Oreo. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. They are members of our family. You know what a cat lover I am. I am in tears after reading this. I will pray for comfort for you and your family. It will be stressful for a while on your two little dogs too. They will miss him. Here's a (((HUG))) for you my dear. Just try to think of the good memories with Oreo, not the end. Winona


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