Sunday, November 21, 2010

My favorite time of the year started today at our home

Yesterday Roger and I spent the day together running errands. We got the majority of the Christmas shopping done and we went out to a nice what we call linner, you know kind of like brunch (Breakfast/lunch) this is linner (lunch/dinner) :) We shared a very nice meal at Sizzler and then our quest began.......When we were at Walmart I seen the prettiest artificial Christmas tree, it was 7.5 feet tall and was called some sort of Hymalaian spruce I think any way it was just gorgeous, so we decided to buy one, that sure made it sound easy you would think you would just get the box and pay for it well you would be wrong!! They had none in a box. So we went over to Manteca(about 25 miles away) to look at another Walmart. They didn't even have this tree on display, so we went to Target thinking they may have one similar but they didn't. On to Kmart who also did not have a tree like this one. We decided to go home for a while and then go check another Walmart. We got home, spent some time with the dogs (our babies)and at about 8:45pm went to that other Walmart...oh did I forget to mention it was pouring down rain and it was very windy!! This other Walmart is about 15 miles south of Modesto. We got there found a good parking space because I am sure all the sane people were home out of the rain. We went to the Christmas part and there was the tree we wanted. The very first tree we seen had no tags on it, so when we looked at this tree that did have a tag on it we were very stunned it cost $148.00 I was so sad, I just knew this was the tree for us. We looked at all the other trees and found one similar but smaller and it was only $88.00 so we put the box in the cart and started to the checkout place. Roger looked at me and said are you going to be happy with this tree? I was honest with him, this tree would be fine but I really liked the other one better. So back we went with the smaller tree and traded the box in the cart for the new one. Oh was I so happy!! We got it to the car and drove home our precious cargo in the back of the van. This morning the box was sitting in the living room and of course we had to put it up so here is a picture of it though the picture does not do it justice, it is so pretty in person.
Our new Christmas tree~

We have not done the decorating yet, but I had to see what it looked like with the lights on and as I thought it would it was beautiful. My Christmas season has begun and with such a great story on how we got the tree. You know you are married to the right man when you go shopping all day and he drives all over everywhere to find the perfect tree that you dreamed of.

Have to also include a picture of our babies, they were so cute snuggled up on the same blanket.

Our Babies~

I will probably wait until tomorrow for more of the decorating....

Thank you so much for visiting my blog I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in life. Have a great Monday and rest of the week.


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  1. What a beautiful tree. I can't wait until we get ours up, hopefully this week. ~Alana~


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