Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a wonderful day I had!!

Monday night I had planned out my entire day for Tuesday (My Birthday) I planned on doing NO HOUSEWORK, GO NOWHERE, and basically sit and either read or embroider. Of course I had the daily things that always need to be done but nothing more....

When we got up on Tuesday morning Roger gave me my Birthday card~Yes at 5:30AM~ and inside was a gift card for Joann's fabric store (My absolute favorite store). Funny thing is though is this is the same wonderful man who always seems to be complaining that I have WAAAAAAY to much crafting/sewing things already :) He said he got me the card because he knew it would make me happy. So now my idea of staying home all day went right on out the window. NO way was I going to let a Joann's gift card stay unused for long :)

After showering my Mom and sister called and wished me a happy birthday, okay I am ready to head out the door when the doorbell rings. It is my daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Katie. The first thing Katie said was "Happy birthday Grandma YOU got CAkE!!!" it was so cute. So we visited for a while and then decided to go out for some lunch before they had to head back home. It was such a wonderful suprise for them to come by (they live about an hour and a half from here). They also left me an 8x10 of Katie's 3 year old picture..she is just so cute in it, her smile is so pretty~

Then I found out that all of my books that I had on request at the library were in ALL of them, that is very unusual so I stopped off at the library and picked them up, lots of reading planned as you can tell~

After all of that I finally got to Joann's I found all kinds of fabrics that I just couldn't live without~

Fabric for my craft room window~ The picture isn't that good of it, the color isn't quite what it looks like in person~

This is the window~

New Fabrics~

Christmas Fabric~

Everything I bought~

When I had just got home from shopping my cell phone rang and it was Mattie calling to wish me a happy birthday oh it was so good to hear his voice.

Roger got home and we decided to go out to dinner, to Chili's my favorite restaurant! But before we left we noticed a box sitting by out gate, it was the spray that I had ordered from It is supposed to be a great product for applique and for me I can use all the help I can get :) So that was another good thing on my birthday!

At Chili's I ordered the Monterey CHicken and it was so yummy! I even had a Strawberry Daquiri with whipped creme! And for dessert Roger and I shared one of there Chocolate Molten cakes, oh it was so good and such a perfect ending to a perfectly wonderful day.

Now it's back to just regular old days for another year!!!



  1. Happy Birthday a day or two late, Joann! That sounds like a fantastic day! Filled with the three Fs - family, fabric and food! :o)
    Birthday hugs to you!

  2. Joann, happy belated birthday. Your day was so wonderful sounding. Getting to spend time with your daughter and granddaughter, going out to eat with your husband, getting a call from your son, and to top it all off, getting to buy all of that fabulous fabric. You are a very blessed woman. (grin) I love the fabric you picked for your craft room curtain. Now aren't you glad that your plans were changed? This all was much better than just sitting home all day by yourself. (grin) I hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend. Pet that fabric for me, won't you? LOL Winona

  3. Happy Birthday, Joann! Thanks for posting on my blog...I had lost the link to this one and was so happy to find you again! I love the heart pretty! And the penguins are really cute, too. What a great gift!


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