Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Keeper at Home Binder

Well ladies I have finally got my Keeper at Home Binder in good enough shape to show you all. I did have this very huge binder~

full of all kinds of articles and anything that I liked the subject on I printed it out and put it in my binder. Well that binder just kept growing and growing and soon I never even opened it. It wasn't that I didn't want to it was just so big it was too hard to lug it around with me. I was keeping it on the kitchen counter and it even got too big and gawdy looking to keep there. So I decided it was time to look at downsizing it. For me to use it every day it really only needed daily things, not every article I have ever read and liked. I bought me a nice new purple 1" binder and got to work today on doing a make over. I love to make things coordinate so since Christmas is coming up I got some really cute paper to print things on. I also got my page protectors out, and so it started~

These are the things included in my Binder~

The front of my New Keeper At Home Binder~

When you first open it you will find my zipper pouch~Purple of course!!

These articles are from Candy's blog and I reccommend them to anyone out there who truly wants to he a Home Keeper.

A woman's Rules to live by~From the blog of Candy at Keeping the Home

What is a Lady?~ From the blog of Candy at Keeping the home

Then the tabs~

My Tabs~

Now remember what is in my binder is not necessarily what you would have in your binder. You will notice I have no children's sections as we have no children at home anymore. My tabs are labeled with the following categories~ Cleaning, Friend info, Home keeping, spiritual, and addresses. I bought the type of tabs that you can write on and then erase if you want to so those categories may be changing :) The spiritual section is where I put articles I like to read, I have definately downsized what is in this binder, I will be keeping the rest of the articles in another binder just for articles that I print out and find helpful.

First comes the cleaning section~

This first page is a page I have used numerous times in the past, it is from Candy's blog of which I really like lots of the helpful homekeeping posts, check out her site it's just full of wonderful articles.

Emergency Quick Clean~From the blog of Candy at Keeping the home

Next would be my personal chore lists, both daily and weekly, I have changed them up a bit modeling them after something I read in the book I am reading for the Fall Book Club at Sugar Pie Farm House, I am still doing the task cleaning which for me works the best but now I have it listed by room.

Daily Chore list~

Weekly Chore lists~

Next Friend info tab~

The tabs that say Friend info are for writing info I think is pertinent to me, there names, names of husbands, children. Their Birthday's Anniversary's and if I send a gift to them what I sent, also their blog info.

The next section is the labeled Home Keeping this is where I put anything that will help me in being a good Keeper of MY home

The Joyful Christian Homemaker~From The blog of Candy at Keeping the Home

I also keep my Master grocery list, have to have that to be a good Home Keeper :) I print them up about 10 at a time and when Thursday comes around I just take out one of the sheets and I highlight the items I need, so far this is working great

My Master grocery Lists~

Next Tab is labeled Spiritual~

This next article is on Modesty and I found it very good, I see what some of the women are wearing these days and it's just disgusting to see what low self esteem these women have that they feel the need to dress scantily to draw the attention to themselves. We want people to look to our heart and not our body!!

An article that I really enjoyed reading on Modesty~From the website Christian Moms of Many blessings

These next articles are from Revive our hearts and I also found these very informational and fun to read.

Becoming a Woman of virtue article~From the website Revive our hearts

Some more spiritual articles I found to be beneficial to me~ From the website Revive our hearts

And Look how much smaller it is~

I will start using the new binder on Monday as I am taking the rest of the weekend off to spend some fun time with my husband. I spent most of Saturday working on this binder while Roger was out working in the yard and working on our cars. Tomorrow is a day of relaxation and of course lots of football. Roger is lucky that I love to watch football :)

I would like to thank Katy At The Country blossom Her most recent post about being organized really hit home with me and got me thinking I really needed to make some changes. So Thank you very much Katy :)

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful weekend.....



  1. That is beautiful! You've inspired me to make one, too. Thank you!

  2. I need to be more organized like that. I seem to always feel like a chicken with its head cut off. Having chores on certain days and things so organized like that, would be much more peaceful.

  3. Wonderful... I dream of having some type of organization like this. I would love to get hold of your book, big notebook included, and read all those interesting articles. I would like to start a notebook just for articles that I would like to keep. Love how you break up your home cleaning chores ... good idea so as not to become overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing your beautiful binder.


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