Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have the MOST Wonderful HUSBAND!!!!

This coming Friday Roger and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary :). Yesterday Roger went out shopping for my gift and he went ahead and gave it to me last night for a few reasons.

First let me show you what my Wonderful husband bought me~

I have always wanted an Emerald and Diamond ring because for me it is very significant. These two stones are the Birthstones for my children. Jennifer's birthday is in May so that would be the Emerald. Matthew's birthday is in April and that would be the Diamond.

The reason he gave it to me early is that it needs to be sized and he knows that we have an appointment on Friday evening to get out 10th Anniversary picture taken and he wanted me to have it for the picture.

Right now it only fits on my wedding ring finger as you can see in the following picture~

I want to wear it on my right hand probably on my middle finger as I already have a very pretty Diamond ring that Roger gave me for our 5th Anniversary on my Right hand ring finger. So Bright and Early Monday morning I am taking it in the get it sized and I should have it back by Wednesday or Thursday. But if something should come up and I don't get it back in time for the picture that will be okay too.

I am so happy with the gift he got me not only because it is beautiful but because he actually listened to me talking about it for the past few years about wanting one.

I love him so much and am so happy to be his Wife and helpmeet.



  1. Awww!! That's so beautiful and it's so sweet of him! He's a keeper!

  2. Oh dear friend it is beautiful, and it looks good on your hand, Roger is such a sweet man....and Happy Anniversary to you and your sweet hubby...

  3. Joann your ring is GORGEOUS! Such a wonderful, sweet hubby you have.

  4. Happy Anniversary and yes you do have a wonderful husband... what a beautiful ring!

  5. Happy 10th anniversary! Jim and I had our 5th anniversary this summer. Your ring is stunning, and what a treasure, with the stones being the kids birthstones.

  6. wow happy anniv to you both the ring is divine,cheers Vickie


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