Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stocking up the pantry and the start of Christmas decorating!

I read a couple of posts the other day about stocking up on canned goods over at MRS. M'S BLOG and I remembered seeing Green Giant canned goods on sale for 50cents a can at Walmart. On Monday I went over and bought 10 cans each of niblets corn and sweet peas. They didn't have any green beans in the Green Giant brand but they did have DelMonte for 64cents a can, I normally pay up to $1.25 a can for them so this was a good deal. I bought 10 Cans of the green beans as well. We are now set for quite some time as it is just me and Roger so things like this last us quite a while.

Here they are all unpacked and sitting on the counter~

And here they are all organzied in the pantry~

This past weekend I had Roger get all of our Christmas decorations out of the shed and I brought them into the house, I know it seems kind of early to be decorating for Christmas BUT MY Mattie will be coming home and just seeing the Christmas decorations up makes me think of him coming home (31 days to go till he gets here!. I figure next year he may be deployed for Chirstmas so this year is going to be the best Christmas ever, I will have all my family home and that is such a blessing.!

This is the start of the decorating, everyday I plan on doing a little~

I know it isn't much but it is a start :)

I have also been reading a book by Beth Moore and have read some very interesting things about UNFORGIVENESS, I plan on posting a few thoughts on this in the near future. It is really an eye opener!! I needed to read this and take some action about some unforgiveness that I have toward some people, the Lord is helping me along with this and I will tell you all about my journey...


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  1. Christmas decorating is so exciting... and to bring you closer to your son coming home... even better!!! Enjoy!! Your pantry looks great... so clean and organized... not at all like mine. :D
    ps... thanks for finding me on facebook


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