Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Weekend....

We had a wonderful weekend. We drove up to here~

On Saturday morning with My daughter Jennifer and her husband. We met up with the rest of my family to celebrate mine and my Mother's birthday's.

When we first got there we walked from our motel down to the lake and took some pictures~

Jennifer and Chris~

Roger and Me~

Roger, Me, Jennifer and Chris~

Then we headed downtown to check out all the shops, we passed these two places along the way~

Harrah's Casino~

Harvey's Casino~

This is the main street Lake Tahoe Blvd.~

There was this real neat looking wooden post with bears on it so I had Roger take my picture with it~

This is what the entire thing looked like~

After walking around for a while we went back to our rooms and got ready to go meet our family at the Lakeside Inn Timber Resaurant for dinner, the food was really good and so was the service. very reasonably priced.

Everyone at dinner~

We did a little gambling but not much as Roger and I really don't like it much. When we got in the van to go back to the motel for the night it was 28' very chilly out but our Motel room was nice and cozy warm. We drove home today stopping at Apple Hill to pick up some really good Apple goodies.

Everyone had a really fun time and enjoyed being together and for my family that is a feat of it's own :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week and enjoys looking well to the ways of your households....


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  1. looks a wonderful weekend!!! i've never been gambling either... we used to live just a few miles from a casino and never went. i always thought it would be fun to play a little, but we didn't want any church people to find out. LOL


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