Friday, November 13, 2009

I am so ready for the Christmas season to get here!!

When I was out today I bought these items to get our home into the Christmas spirit~

I got 3 more of the glade candles, 1 febreeze candle, 3 twin packs of air wick refills, 1 bag of cinnamon scented pinecones, 2 puffs christmas tissues, and 2 air effects spray by febreeze and 2 very cute Christmas pot holders!!

The other day I went out and bought these cute little Christmas trees. I have always wanted a set of trees with lights on them for the front porch and now thanks to a great price ($20) for the set at Big Lots I have them~

I will take a picture of them on the porch after we get them all set up..

The grandkids Christmas presents came yesterday, I ordered them from Toys R Us on Monday and they got here on Thursday. I couldn't believe they came that fast.

Here is both of them~

This is the one for Dylan, the Home Depot work bench~

This is of course for Katie, after all she is a little princess~

This weekend we plan on getting some of our Christmas things out. I don't want to feel like I am bypassing Thanksgiving, but Matthew will be here this year for Christmas and next year he may be either deployed or just living somewhere too far away to come home. So I am going to enjoy this Christmas very much and I want it to start as soon as possible :)

Hope everyone has a very blessed weekend!



  1. I love Christmas too! I have a set of the prelit trees like you bought... you got a good buy. I have used mine for the past few years on my fireplace hearth... no big tree put up at all. I do plan to put a tree up this year... I think... and will use my trees on the porch. Your house is going to smell so YUMMY with all your new Christmas scents!

  2. Joann, I am ready for the Christmas season too. Looks like you got some good starts to the decorating. I was in Big Lots yesterday with mom. She bought the cutest little Christmas tree (looks glass, but I think it was plastic) that has a light in it that changes color. It was only $5 and is just so cute. She loves it. Your grandkids will love their gifts. Have a good day.


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