Friday, November 6, 2009

Not a happy Army Mom right now....

I am not the happiest Mom right now ~

My son Matthew (I call him Mattie) called and said he finally got the info for his next duty station. He is at Ft. Knox going to school until the 18th of December then will be going back to Ft. Knox on the 3rd of January, he will be there for an additional 3 weeks of training and then go to the next duty station......and guess where he is going.....Ft. Hood, Texas, he was originally thought to be going to Ft. Carson Colorado, but I guess it changed. I just sat down and cried about this. I know that probably no matter where he would have gone he would eventually be sent overseas to Iraq but Ft. Hood not only is now know for what happened there yesterday but has always been known as the base with the most casualties of the war and the most deployments. This just breaks my heart. Mattie on the other hand is a very proud soldier and really has no problem with being deployed so I am trying very hard to stay strong for him but it is so hard for a Mom to do. He is training to be a Bradley fighting vehicle mechanic and is doing very well so far. I can't wait for him to come home 42 days to go, yes I am counting down.

Please keep him in your prayers, I would certainly appreciate it.



  1. My prayers go out for you and your son. It is great that he is a very proud soldier and is loving what he is doing, although I can see how it would be so hard for a Mom to handle. My son is only 12 now, but we have already had casual conversations about the Military as a route to go, after HS. I would be so proud, but on pins and needles constantly.

  2. ((Joann)) How brave your son is!! I know you must be very proud.


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