Thursday, November 5, 2009

Please keep the families at Ft. Hood in your prayers

I got a call today from my son at Ft. Knox telling me about the shootings at Ft. Hood. I didn't have the tv on today so didn't know what was going on. My heart goes out to all those families, the first thing I thought was that there were 12 mother's out there getting the horrible news of their child being killed and then the other 31 getting the news that their child was shot. I just can not even imagine how they must be feeling. Please lift all of these families up in prayer today.

I was so happy to hear my son's voice, I know he is on a different base but they were on high security just in case. I so wish I could just hug him today but I can't, 43 days until he comes home for Christmas :)



  1. I can imagine that hearing your sons voice was a comfort. My prayers go out to those families at Ft Hood, as well. I had a friend in High School that went into the Army and was at Fort Hood. I lost touch with him, so have no idea if he is still in the military, or where he ended up. It makes you wonder tho.


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