Monday, March 16, 2009

What a wonderful Monday...

Today was real nice. I got up not too late and was able to accomplish most of the things on my new lists. I didn't get everything done but that is okay. I did get 4 loads of laundry done and that is quite a bit.

I also worked on a purse that I am making. Remember that pansy embroidery I was working on well I wanted to put it on a purse but have never done it before. This is what the finished product looked like~

It turned out much better than I was picturing, the colors in the pictures don't look exactly like they do in person. The purse is actually a deep purple and dark green.

This is the inside~ With my cat checking it out~

I worked on that purse for quite a few hours,it gave me a couple of problems, but in the end I won and it is finished!!!

I am now working on a wallet, well actually two of them, got the pieces cut out but haven't gotten them put together yet...these may take a while!!

The other day my wonderful husband gave me the checkbook and said go to "Joann's" and buy yourself some fabric. This is a very big deal right now with money being so tight. I found so many things to buy but in the end only spent $20 which for me is very low, I could have easily spent $100 but right now that $20 worth meant so much to me. This is what I purchased~

I am going to spend a very nice relaxing evening with my husband and am hoping to go to bed at a decent time.



  1. Your little purse is beautiful, Joann. I love the embroidery on it. You did good, girl! Glad you got some fabric shopping therapy in, too.

  2. I love it!!! It is just gorgeous!

  3. Love the purse, Joann! You are quite the seamstress!

  4. Joann, your purse turned out very pretty. I love your embroidery on it. Good looking fabric you picked up too. I love going to JoAnn's but need to take a break from them for a while. LOL Thank you so much for asking about me. I plan to do a blog post in a bit. Have a good day. Winona


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