Sunday, March 15, 2009

My morning and evening routines

I have been busily working on my routines since reading the book "Sink Reflections". I have found over the years that there isn't just one type of routine or strategy that works for me, so I usually end up taking things from different books and then adding my own ways and I come up with a routine. Starting tomorrow I am going to try and follow my new routine (which is very similar to my old routine) and see if it will work for me. When I have done this before it usually turns out that there is nothing wrong with my routine it's ME that just doesn't do it.

Since Matthew moved out and it is just me and Roger here I seem to be more apt to let things go. This is not the way I should be looking at doing house work but to be honest I do. I also am someone who can't just do a little bit~ though I am working on this~ I am one who walks in to the kitchen and I know the floor needs to be mopped, but my thinking tells me well I can't mop until I clean the counters off because if I do it after then there will be crumbs on the floor again, and I can't clean the counters off until all the dishes are done, and the table cleaned off and it just continues to snowball after that. So the floor just doesn't get done at all becuase I don't have time to do "ALL" of that cleaning right now.

Tomorrow Monday March 16, 2009 I plan on putting my new routines in place and I will post on my progress. I am praying that I can accomplish all on my list but I will not be discouraged if I don't . My routines are very detailed and seem like there is much more on them than there is. This is for my benefit, I do better if I see everything written out. I actually printed out a page for every week day Mon-Fri with both my Morning routine and my Evening routine and the days cleaning. I put these in page protectors in my Home management Binder so I can use my dry erase pen to mark things off. I have also listed a section for "Zone work" for that day, but I haven't gotten to that chapter of the book yet so I just put it on the days anyway so I won't have to reprint them later.

So here is my New routines

Morning Routine

[] Wake up
[] Let Molly out
[][][] Feed/water pets~ Molly, Oreo and Fish
[] Unload dishwasher
[] Make Breakfast
[] Breakfast cleanup
[] Dinner prep
[] Wipe down kitchen counters
[] Clean sink
[] Shower/get dressed
[] Make bed
[][] Tidy both bathrooms
[] Gather dirty clothes
[] Start laundry
[] Tidy living room
devotions after lunch
[] Check e-mail, blog/computer time

[] 15 Minutes Zone Work

Monday’s room’s to clean

[] Living room
[] Entryway
[] Hallway

[] Windex~ All windows
[] Ceiling fan
[][] Dust furniture and electronics
[] Trash
[] Vacuum

Evening Routine

[] Make dinner
[] Feed Molly and fish
[] Dinner clean up
[] Take medications
[] Load dishwasher
[] Wash dishes that don’t fit/go in dishwasher
[] Clean off table
[] Clean sink and counters
[] Clean stove
[] Sweep floor
[] Scoop litter box
[] Take garbage out
[] Lay out clean dishcloth/dishtowel
[] Check menu for tomorrow night’s dinner
[] Wipe off daily sheets
[] Check planner
[] Make To Do list for Tomorrow
[] Craft/Reading/TV time
[] Turn off fish light
[] Bedtime

Like I said it is very detailed and everyday has something different for the day's cleaning.

I am going to be posting the other days as the days come, I would like to have them all under the label Homekeeping.

I hope everyone has a very wonderful week ahead, we are still praying for work for Roger. We know that God has a plan for us and we are waiting to see what it will be.



  1. Your lists are very detailed (just like mine) but you will find that is a good thing. For example....I have dust and vacuum several rooms on my main level on Mon Wed AND Fri. If on Wed this does not need to be done, I don't do it. Sweetheart dusted the family room and vacuumed yesterday while I was at church (he was bored or convicted, not sure which!) so today even though it is not on the list I will not do it. Also, I have 2 young children here and grandbabies in and out all week long so it usually needs it everyday, but I only put it 3 days a week....3 days a week would seem anal for you and alot of other people, but with all those kids, crumbs and dirt are everywhere! My upstairs only gets vacuumed once a week.
    All that to say, don't let anyone tell you you have too much on your list (and some will). It is great!

  2. Wow, Joann. That's some detailed list! I wish you the best of luck in keeping with it, but, as you say, don't beat yourself up if it doesn't all get done. I find that sometimes life gets in the way and our plans are not God's plans but, instead, are even better! Take care. Hugs.

  3. Looks like a good plan! Let us know how it goes. I was reading your goals for 2009 and they sound almost identical to mine.


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