Friday, March 13, 2009

Some questions about decorating on a budget...

As anyone knows that has read my blog for any time. I am in the slow and steady process of changing things in my house to the "prim" look. I have been doing stitcheries for a while now but would like to find some more things but need to do it on a very tight budget. I have a nice oak colored shelf in my dining area that holds a quilt hanging and I am thinking of sanding it down and then repainiting it black. I also have a small cabinet in the dining area that is similar in color to the shelf and was thinking of making it either black or some other "prim" color, maybe dark red or green. I would love any suggestions from anyone out there. My home has always been very country looking to me but now I want it more "prim" and I really want to get rid of all the OAK. I am so tired of everything being oak. My front bathroom has an old oak trimmed mirror/medicine cabinet and also a light fixture that is oak and those too I want to just repaint in black. I think this would be much cheaper right now than buying something new. We got 2 large canisters for the pet food, one for the dog food and one for the cat food, I am going to spray paint them some nice dark color and use them as decorations in the dining area. Right now they have an Iams logo on them and are bright orange, we don't even use Iams but the pet shop owner gave them to us anyway since we always buy our pet food there.

I am still working on some craft projects but they are for the spring swap I am doing so don't want to post any pictures of them yet.

I also forgot to post my weigh in Wednesday on Wednesday this week...there was both good news and bad news... I didn't gain any weight~the good news, but I also didn't loose any weight~ the bad news..I stayed the my total is still 29.4 pounds lost.

We don't really have any exciting plans for this weekend, but I think we might just take a drive and get out of the house for a while. We are now going on our 4th month with no work. Please keep Roger and anyone out there who is without work in your prayers.


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