Monday, March 30, 2009

A busy weekend

We had a nice weekend. The weather was real warm, Saturday it was 77'. Sunday the sun was still shining but it was real windy.

I finished up some crafts that I was working on. I made a wallet and coin purse to match the pansy purse.

Here is the wallet~

This is the coin purse~

Here they are all together~

Jennifer gave me a basket a while back that I wanted to make look more country/prim so first I took the handle off and this is what it looked like after I removed the handle~

Then I got some spray paint, I bought both colonial red and a flat black

I spay painted the basket red~

Then I made a liner for it from some fabric that I have had for a long time. I want to also make some curtains out of it for the kitchen.
Here is what it looked like with the liner in it~

And here it is being used for what I wanted it for

A new Fruit basket~

I just love the way it turned out.

I also spray painted another basket that has always sat in my garden window, I painted that one the flat black and I am happy with that as well.

I got lots done and was happy with everything.

Roger worked hard in the back yard both Saturday and Sunday. We had a nice evening tonight, Roger's Mom came over for a visit and stayed for dinner Roger BBQ'd some chicken and baked potatoes. I heated up some fresh asparagus in the microwave and dinner was ready.Roger just loves asparagus and it's that time a year that it's really good. At least that's what Roger tells me as I don't like asparagus!!

Have a great week everyone, I hope to have some pictures to put up in the next few days from the grandkids trip to Disneyland. Jennifer was telling me that most of the time while they were there the kids were asking when they were going to see grandma and pa pa (that's what they call Roger) isn't that such a wonderful thing to hear. My grandkids are in the "happiest place in the World" and they want to see us!!!!



  1. All of your completed projects are wonderful! I love the way your purse came out. Glad to hear you'r'e feeling well enough to "play"!

  2. Joann,

    I love the purse, wallet and coin purse. The purples and greens look great together. I also love what you did with the baskets. You've been very smart.

  3. Well look at you go!!!
    I love the wallet and coin purse. They match the purse beautifully!
    The basket with the liner is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it!!

  4. Hello Joann,

    I love your coin purse and wallet with the matching tote.

    I was wondering where you got the pattern to do the wallet and coin purse from.

    Hoping to be a friend for you.
    South Africa

  5. Love the basket and liner!!!! They look great! And of course your coin purse and wallet!!!! You do nice work! :)


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