Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My messy kitchen...

The last few nights I have not been sleeping well. Because of this my kitchen was not cleaned for two nights in a row.
This is what the messy kitchen looked like this evening~

The stove side~

The sink side~

All of our messy dishes and sink~

I'm not sure how much time it took, but I got everything cleaned up and either put it in the dishwasher or washed by hand...

This is how it looks now~

The stove side~ with all of the clean dishes drying

The sink side~

My nice shiny sink~

I feel so much better now that it is clean. It's a little after 10pm and I plan on going to bed shortly. I never did get to take a nap today so I am extremely tired.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures, this goes to show that I DO NOT always get everythig done that I want to get done...This is my real life...not made up things.

Tomorrow is going to be a crafting day for me...Yahoo!! I have just not been in the crafting mood at all, I am behind in my BOM's so would like to get caught up with those and also finish some items that I have started but just left sitting here. I am also trying to figure out what I can make for my grandchildren for Easter. It's not too far off and I work so slow that it needs to be something quick and easy. Last year I made stuffed bunnies for each of them...



  1. I love your kitchen...very pretty. SOmetimes things just do not get done....I use a towel to cover dishes left in a sink. I really hate to wake up to a dirty kitchen. This morning you will wake up to a sparkly one!!
    Hope you slept well.

  2. I remember those bunnies! They were so cute! Have a fun crafting day!

  3. Your kitchen is so pretty, it even looks good when the dishes are piled up. Hope you are sleeping better!

  4. I agree with PenPen! It didn't look too bad before you cleaned up. Your kitchen is very pretty and nice!


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