Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring swap package came today!!!

I went to the post office today to mail my package to my srping swap partner. When I came home there was a package waiting for me from my swap partner. It came here all the way from Australia, a place called Humpty Doo. At first I had to giggle about the name of the town, but I kind of like it!! Anyway I really wanted to just rip it open but remembered to get my camera out and I did it real slow, so this is what I got~

Spring swap package arrives~

This is the beautiful card that was enclosed, she mentioned that she didnt' make it but a friend of hers did~

This is what the small package looked like, I liked the wrapping paper~

This was inside the small package, oh my Moda fabric how luxurious~

Then there was the large pacakge, wrapped in Purple -one of my favorite colors~

These are the items that were in the large package~

This is another picture of the table runner~

I am so grateful to Linda (the swap hostess) for being included in the spring swap and I am so thankful to Vickie for her wonderful gifts. She does such wonderful work. The quiliting is just fabulous. They will certainly make my dining room look very spring like. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

I will post some more pictures after I get the items where I want them to go. Hope everyone is having as great a Tuesday as I am!!



  1. Well weren't you the spolit one? I had a lovely peek at your gifts before they left Australia. That address is in Far North Queensland.

  2. What a great package! Looks like you had a wonderful spring swap partner. I'm trying to finish up my package to send out. Glad you had such a great day.

  3. What is this swaping? Do you send her a gift as well? What have you sent her? I am very curious.

  4. Have a blessed Easter Joann!


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