Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday's new routine

Morning Routine

[] Wake up
[] Let Molly out
[][][] Feed/water pets~ Molly, Oreo and Fish
[] Unload dishwasher
[] Make Breakfast
[] Breakfast cleanup
[] Dinner prep
[] Wipe down kitchen counters
[] Clean sink
[] Shower/get dressed
[] Make bed
[][] Tidy both bathrooms
[] Gather dirty clothes
[] Start laundry
[] Tidy living room
devotions after lunch
[] Check e-mail, blog/computer time

[] 15 Minutes Zone Work

Wednesday’s room’s to clean

[][] Bathrooms

[][] Tub/shower
[][] Sink/counters
[][] Toilets
[][] Windex
[][] Check supplies
[][] Sweep
[][] Mop
[][] Trash

Evening Routine

[] Make dinner
[] Feed Molly and Fish
[] Dinner clean up
[] Take medications
[] Load dishwasher
[] Wash dishes that don’t fit/go in dishwasher
[] Clean off table
[] Clean sink and counters
[] Clean stove
[] Sweep floor
[] Scoop litter box
[] Take garbage out
[] Lay out clean dishcloth/dishtowel
[] Check menu for tomorrow night’s dinner
[] Wipe off daily sheets
[] Check planner
[] Make To Do list for Tomorrow
[] Craft/Reading/TV time
[] Turn off Fish light
[] Bedtime

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  1. I just love how you plan your day down to the smallest detail. It's so much easier to follow the day when you have it in writing. :)

    My list would probably be similar to yours! Eeeeks! Maybe I should start doing this!

    Have a great day!


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