Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Blue spring purse...

Today I worked on making a blue purse with some little flowers on the fabric, it looks very springy to me. I was using the purse that my good friend Veronica sent me at Christmas and since it has been nice weather figured I should change it out for now since it has snowmen on it.

This is the blue purse~

Here is the inside lining~

I like it because it is large enough to carry both my small Bible and my planner in it.

Roger has a possible lead on a job so any prayers would be appreciated...

I will be putting up a seperate post with my Wednesday routine next.

Have a great Thursday...



  1. Hi Joann,

    I love your new blue purse! I have been planning a blue one too, in my mind. It will have a denim bottom and lining and the top part will be made from some blue roses fabric I have a fat quarter of.

    The one I am currently using is flannel, wool and corduroy, so its time to change!!!

  2. Beautiful purse. I love it.
    Your routines are great. Makes life easier, eh?
    I will pray about the new job for you. Please pray for my son too...he has a line on a great job and will find out Monday or Tuesday. They have NO income (not even unemployment) and 2 babies and a house pymt. They used their tax return to stay caught up but their April bills will not be paid unless he gets this job. As for Sweetheart....I am not quite ready for him to go back to work. I have enjoyed having him around!! ;) He will probably go back in April or May to his old job.


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