Monday, March 9, 2009

Sink Reflections

I was lucky enough to stumble across a group of very nice ladies who are doing this book as a group. They are already on Chapter 7 but were very welcoming to me even though I was late in joining. THis is what I posted today at the group, as you can tell I have many things to work on!!

I have read parts of this book before but not all of it. Last year I was kind of doing the zone things but not really. Recently I have tried a bit of everything, Fly lady, sidetracked home exec. file system, posting on a board, but I am still in the process of tweaking things to my own way.

It is just me and my husband at home so you would think it would be easy to keep clean, you would be wrong. It is because it's just him and I that I seem to let things slack off. I spent the past few days reading this book and trying to catch up to chapter 7, this post may be long but please bear with me. I wrote down some notes on all of the chapters up to this they are

The Fly lady commandments!! I really like these and plan on printing them up and putting them on my refrigerator door. (Will post them here at my blog later)

Chapter 1~

Where to begin??
The shiny sink thing I do do, every night that is one thing that is almost always done unless I am not feeling good. I so enjoy walking in to the kitchen in the morning and not seeing piles of dishes.
Getting dressed to shoes, I don't do this as often as I should but she is right it does help.
11:00 pm put book down and go to bed~ Now this one is really a struggle for me especially right now, my husband is out of work and there is much stress in our household, I haven't been sleeping good at all and I definitely don't go to bed at 11. Last night we were both up till 7AM this morning then we slept until about noon. This whole thing is taking a toll on us and we just can't seem to snap out of it.

Chapter 2~Chaos
We have mostly mini-clutter problems except for the craft room, which is as always a work in progress.
Perfection~ I was certainly not born organized; I even have a hard time working on being organized.

Chapter 3 Can't organize clutter
This is so true, I have tried so I know first hand that it does not work. Clutter~ Living in the past/reliving the past , embarrassed, mind and body do not rest.I am a pile Mover, Many times thinking "oh I'll just sit this here for a few minutes" and then 2 months later it's still there and it has multiplied.
I have never used a time for cleaning. Have used one to remind me to check laundry. I like the 15 minute suggestion~ Set timer for 15 min. and see what you can get done. It's amazing what you can accomplish in just 15 min. Lots of things that I thought took much longer.

Chapter 4~ Running on empty

She mentions looking to find the "magic formula" to fix your family and your mean there is NO Magic formula ;D
Running on a full tank
Things I would like to work on~
Go to bed at a decent hour
Be proud (but not to prideful) of the way the bathrooms look
Dressed to shoes everyday

Chapter 5~ Attitude
"When the kitchen is clean it keeps the rest of the house in order" This is so true!!

Routines~ Written out, I have most of my routines saved on the computer but am still working on finding one that will work for me.

Chapter 6~ Control journal
I use an Amy Knapp planner which I love, but I also have a small Home management binder~ rarely used and a card system also rarely used. Can't decide which one I like best.

Chapter 7~Daily routines
This is where I want to do some major tweaking. Have too much listed on Daily/morning/evening routine so never get it all done and the I get the attitude well if I can't get it all done why do any of it. I need to make daily swish/swipe easier because I too have made it too complicated..
Recently had company and it took me all day to get house presentable at least in my eyes. I probably could have swished and swiped in the bathrooms and do a quick vacuum but NO I HAD to do everything~ Would like to work on this.

What really makes me sad or mad is that I do more in my house if I know that company is coming than I do for my own husband and myself. This is just not right, we are important too and I want a home that we both enjoy being in and not having to worry about what need to be cleaned because it already is.


  1. I really like the book "Sink Reflections" and Flylady's website. Your post is a great reminder to me about the things I need to be doing.

    I also like your goals list on the sidebar.

    Debbie J.

  2. Great post. I have read Sink Reflections, Side Tracked Home Executives and The Messies Manual (my favorite). They all have great points in them that I have taken and put into effect here in my home. I always know when I have gotten off track by my kids. When I pick up and start to clean and they say, "Who's coming over?" I know I am off track!!
    It is very true that a clean kitchen is the standard for the rest of the house. I just posted on a clean kitchen!
    You seem to be on the right path. I look forward to you sharing chapters 8 and on.


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