Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am as dumb as a box of rocks!!!!

Okay ladies I need help, well nothing new in that but none the less I need your sewing help!!

The other day I seen these great wallets on Winona's blog and I figured I would make one out of the same fabric as the purse I just made. I bookmarked the tutorial, got all the fabric cut out and then came to the part about making the lower pockets, this is where I came to a screeching halt. I just can't figure it out. I put my lines but can't figure out how to fold it~ Now how dumb is that. I folded it about a hundred times last night and then finally gave up. The fabric is right now just sitting on my table top, glaring at me and probably laughing at me too, because I can't figure it out. The tutorial is wonderful but I wish she would have put a picture of folding the pocket parts. If anyone out there reading this knows what I am talking about and would like to help an old woman who has no brains out I will greatly appreciate it.

I am working on some tissue holders today until I can get the "wallet fiasco" solved. At least I can manage a tissue holder!!!

I also plan on making another purse out of blue fabric, but am thinking of going with a different pattern. I like the way this purse turned out but would like to make something different since I am so good at learning new things!!!! Yes that was supposed to be funny.

Thanks for reading all of my babbling...

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  1. your blue and green bag is wonderful!

    don't be so hard on yourself about that wallet you are working on. Sometimes I have to step away from a project and then when I come back, I can get it right.
    And I'm don't know the tutorial you are talking about it, but some tutorials are better than others.

    anyway, I hope you get it figured out!


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