Monday, June 7, 2010

A wonderful weekend!!

This past week went by very fast, at least the whole week did but on a daily basis my days seem to drag on. Roger is gone for so long each day I only get to see him awake about a half hour in the morning and about 2-3 hours in the evening. I hate him commuting but I am also thankful he has a job at all.

On Wednesday I went over to Brentwood to see a little play that Dylan and his kindergarten class put on. It was real cute they sang lots of songs and I enjoyed myself. We went out to eat after the program was over and did some visiting. I plan on going over again this coming Wednesday just to visit with Jennifer and the kids.

Thursday and Friday I spent doing the rest of the putting the living room back together. I had emptied all of the bookcases to do the flooring and now it was time to put it all back. I went through a lot of things and got rid of quite a lot of stuff. I kept all my books as I like books a lot!

this is the living room after getting things put back on the bookcases~

I also did the first damp mopping of the new flooring, I went with what the back of the box said to use on the flooring~part vinegar/part water in a spray bottle, this worked well. The spray bottle I have makes the liquid come out in a nice fine mist so not too much water got on the flooring. I used my new damp mop and just sprayed a small area working from the bedroom in the hallway out to where the living room meets the dining room

Spay bottle of water/vinegar~

Here is the hallway after damp mopping~

And here is the living room after damp mopping~

I had also purchased some new carpets to place around the room to try and keep as much dirt as possible from getting onto the new flooring.
This is what the carpets look like~

We also purchased a new small black bookcase for in the dining area, I like it because it holds things much better than the cabinet I had.I bought 2 nice baskets to hold things on the shelves. I was also able to relocate a lot of my small containers to the bookcase and it gives me a lot more room on my pantry shelves.

Here is the black bookcase in the dining area~

Also with the purchase of that new bookcase it means that I have now replaced everything in the home with black furniture except for the bedroom furniture.

The dining area, all done~

Saturday evening we had a get together at our home. My two aunts and one cousin from Minnesota were visiting so we had a nice dinner of A big chef salad,it was around 90' so we wanted something light to eat.

Saturday was also a very good day because I got a phone call from Matthew, my son has done some stupid things in his life and we have not always gotten along perfectly but as soon as I hear his voice on the phone all past things are forgotten! I hadn't talked to him for over 3 weeks, that's a long time for me and it wasn't easy. I told him I don't know what I will do when he is in Iraq for so long.

Sunday was so warm out that we used our air conditioner for the first time. I love air conditioning :)

Our backyard is looking real nice, our butterfly bush is blooming and is so pretty but I have yet to see a butterfly~

I had been working forever on a shower curtain I wanted to make and seemed to be going no where with it so I finally ordered one and I am so happy with it, it is real nice quality and I love the look of it.

New shower curtain~

This is what the top looks like~

Mandy got to have her cone thing taken off this weekend also, she was very happy.

Here she is all snuggled up~

I have made some decisions about crafting, while I love my sewing machine my true love with crafting is in hand work. I love to embroider, so I have done some evaluating of my crafts and am now going to concentrate on more embroidery and still throw in some sewing here and there but for me I just love to sit in the living room and use my hands to make something beautiful.

I have also been doing some quiet time questioning about my walk with the Lord and right now I don't know where I am in my walk but it seems like I am walking the wrong direction right now so I plan on working on that some each day. I don't want to get to the end of the day and realize like I have so often that I hadn't even spent a few minutes in the Word of God.I need to make it more of a priority in my life, this is hard for me I don't know why but it is. I have heard it said before that you should spend the same amount of time in the Bible as you do either reading ohter books or tv or computer time and I know I do not do that so that is something obviously I need to address.

I plan on having a wonderful week this week. I hope everyone else has a wonderful week too!!



  1. Joann, your house is looking great. I am sure you are glad to have so much done. I find that if I do not read my Bible and study first thing in the morning, I usually don't do it at all. So now, this is my routine... Get up, get dressed etc, check my BG, fix a cup of green tea, then sit down with my Bible. This routine has worked well for me. Hope you get a schedule that fits you. Have a great day. Winona

  2. I'm so glad you got to speak with Matthew this week! WHat a blessing. The house is looking great, too!


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