Thursday, June 17, 2010

MY wonderful Godly Husband!!

My husband came home the other day and told me something that happened at work and I knew I just had to share it. He had a co-worker ask him "So Roger what's new under the sun?" My husband answered "Well according to Solomon there is nothing new under the sun" and his co-worker said "You are the first person to get that right" When Roger was telling me this I asked him is that right Solomon said that and he said yes it's in Ecclesiastes, it's a real good book you should read it. Well first I felt really dumb in the fact that I didn't know this probalby very simple fact.But secondly I felt very thankful that I am married to such a Godly Man. When in today's society Husbands can be many things mine is a Godly Man!! I am very happy and feel very blessed to have Roger in my life. I have a friend whose husband she told me many years ago was into internet porn, and not happy that she didn't look like the women in those pictures. Many men cheat on their wives, or drink or do drugs or do all of that. I have a man who knows Bible verses better than I do, not that we compete about that but obviously if I missed that verse I am sure I have missed many more.I have a man who works very hard at his job and commuting everyday to provide for his family. I appreciate him so much and I do tell him this on a regular basis. I feel for women who don't have such a good man in their life. I pray daily for my friend and her marriage. I just had to post about my husband and let everyone out there in blog land that I have the most Wonderful Godly husband in the whole wide world!!



  1. Joann, I know the feeling dearest friend. I am so glad to have cedric in my life too. He is the best husband, friend, father, godly gentleman that any girl could ask for. We love reading our Bibles together and then I love to listen to him as he goes in detail about different scripture...So continue to let Roger know that you love him(don't just show him tell him all the time lol ) and that you thank God for him because this makes a man feel really good to know that their wives really and truly love them.

  2. Great post Joann. Let Roger read it. It will make him smile. Winona


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