Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some pics from this weekend

This weekend started out with Roger and I doing some errands, one of which was to find a new freezer. We had an old upright one for many years and got rid of it over a year ago. Even though it is just us two we did really miss it. so we went out looking for one on Saturday. We had wanted to get just a small chest type one and ended up with a 15 cubic feet chest one. I love all the baskets and dividers it has and even though it was wider than we were wanting it did fit with a little moving around of things. It is in the garage kind of where we had the old one. Right now it is pretty empty with just a little bit of chicken. I went out yesterday and bought foster farms chicken breasts on sale for 99 cents a pound. Packaged it all up into freezer bags and then put a use by date on them.

Here is what the inside of the freezer looks like~

ON Sunday we went over to my sisters house for a get together, my aunts and one cousin have been visiting from Minnesota for about a week and a half. They returned home Monday.

Here is my Mom(in the middle) and her two sisters Dar(on the left) and Donna(on the right)~

Katie with her princess swimming ring~

Dylan getting ready to jump into the pool~

And here is Chris, Katie and Dylan all playing in the pool~

Everyone had a nice time, but boy was it hot. Monday was even hotter. Used the airconditioning on Monday. I think the next few days it is supposed to be a little cooler, but not much so I think officially it is Airconditioner season so mine will be running pretty much every day. I am a very hot person and if I do anything around the house I like to have it cool so I don't get too hot.

Now on to another subject totally different than pictures of our weekend. I have for the longest time been going back and forth on a couple areas of my life. Most that have read my blog for some time know that I have had a real bad experience a few years ago with someone who I thought was my friend, no I am not saying anymore than that. ANyway the person uses a message board, forum and a few months ago I had asked to be reinstated (I was banned from posting by the person in charge of the board)because I had been missing some of the people on there. It has been about 3 or 4 months I think and so far I am still banned. But then I learned something amazing. I have been trying to work on my spiritual life(It needs lots of work) and I had read a verse about gossip, I am terrible about remembering what verse but I do know it said gossiping was bad and when I go to the home page of this board/forum it has the word gossip on it. Well I prayed about it for a while and even though I do miss some of the people there I just don't think it is the place for me. Really it is just a place where people post what they are doing everyday and somedays it seems almost like a contest who has the longest list and who is going somewhere so they can rub it in because not everyone can afford to go somewhere for a vacation. Well that was my great revalation!! For me it was very freeing, I do still miss some of the people there, but most know my blog and if they miss me at all they can find me here. I am done with that board/forum and I am finding my heart feels so much better. Another area in my life that I am currently working on is my speech, I always seem to say the wrong thing! I have started using a list of things to ask myself before I say something. The first two things are #1 Is it true, most things I say are true I don't make things up, but then comes #2 Is it kind, just because it is true does not neccesarily make it kind. I pretty much don't talk much anymore. I have lots of areas in my life I am working on and it may take some time but if in the end it will glorify God then it will be worth it.As Courtney over at Women living well says at the end of her posts Walk with the King, and that is what I am trying to do, Walk with the King and try my best to do everything in my life joyfully and start being a more happier person. Roger and I had a wonderful talk about my being a keeper at home and I am feeling so much more appreciated and I in turn appreciate so much what Roger does for us as a family.
Happy Week to everyone, Enjoy your week looking well to your households


  1. Joann, I'm very proud of you. That must have been a difficult decision for you. While I certainly miss you at the boards, I don't post there nearly as much as I used to, mainly because life gets in the way. I still check in here with you and hope you continue to visit me at my blog! Blessings to you and Roger!

  2. Joann, I think you made a wise decision. My husband usually says, if you have doubts, don't do it. (grin) I know you will love your freezer. You will have it full in no time. You can fill gallon jugs with water and freeze to take up some of the empty space. That makes it more energy efficient. Have a wonderful day. Winona


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