Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday was a grooming day....and grocery day!

On Friday morning after rounding them all up. All three of our animals went to the groomers.This is not an easy task for one person, but Roger set up the crate for the cat before he left for work so that made my job a lot easier. I went and picked up the cat to put him in his crate and he is a cat that does not like his crate at all. He starts to make a very loud meow to let you know he doesn't like it. Luckily he is declawed on his front paws or I would be in shreds right now. I finally got him into his crate and I took it to the van. That was the hard part, now to just go get the dogs. Molly gets very excited when she sees her harness and leash coming out and starts to bark and whine very loudly, Mandy seen her doing this and thought it looked like fun so she joined in with all the barking and such. I eventually got Molly's harness on and after running around the living room a couple of times also got Mandy corraled into her collar and leash. I took them out to the van and of course I put them in the back seat, by the time I had shut the van door and got the drivers door open they were both sitting there waiting for me. I eventually put one of them on the passenger side seat because I can't hold them both while driving. Got to the groomers and dropped them off. Roger and I both went to pick them up and they were all so nice smelling and cute I just had to take pictures of them.

THis is the first picture I took, they moved just as I snapped the picture~

Here is Molly and Mandy~

Here are some more pictures of Mandy, she doesnt' have all that scraggly looking hair anymore and looks so nice and cleaned up especially on her back and sides and her hair is so soft~

Here she is after we took out the cute little pink bow things~

Oreo I didn't take his picture until today, but we always get him shaved in the summer, he is a long hair cat and he is always shedding so much but after we have him shaved we won't see hair on the floor for quite a while.~

It cost a lot of money to have them all done but they come home so pretty and they smell so nice I just love it!

Friday is also my errand and grocery shopping day. I put some things from my shopping trip into the new freezer and thought I would share with you all what it looks like with actual food in it~

I have not done a freezer inventory yet but hope to this weekend sometime.

We rented a movie from Redbox last night and was very dissapointed with it, it is called Shutter Island, I am all for either horror or Mysteries etc. but this was just plain slow and boring. going to get another movie for tonight hoping it is better than that one.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. Joann, your babies are looking good. Glad to see you are putting the freezer to use. Have a great day. Winona


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