Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First stitchery almost finished!!!!

Well I am at the last part of the first stitchery I started quite a while ago. slow and steady and now it is almost finished. Just have that part on the bottom to go wich I will do in just a few minutes after I post this post.
Today was a busy day for me. I was thinking of changing the living room furniture around and after I did real

ized I didn't like it the new way so I moved it all back. The one good thing I was able to dust and damp mop all of the flooring under the furniture I moved. I try to dust mop daily in the open areas and also try and damp mop on Mon/Wed/Fri but that doesn't always happen and then damp mopping under the furniture is more like a weekly or monthly thing. I find it kind of strange that our short haired dog Molly sheds so much and Mandy who has lots of hair doesn't shed at all. I am always finding dog hair everywhere. I just love our new floors so much, they are so much cleaner after you clean them than carpet and I like the feel, it's kind of cool on my feet. Okay enough talk about the floor.

I got both a phone call and an email from 3/3 Armored Calvary Regiment about deployment. They sent out an email letter explaining things a little more. I of course won't say everything it says as I am sure they don't want everything passed around. One interesting thing was that they are now going to be sending a few less people than originally planned, I have been in prayer about this all day and please anyone out there who feels inclined please pray that My son Matthew will not be deploying. Thank you. He should find out pretty soon one way or another.

I am still in the process of planning a party for Mattie when he comes home on leave, we are planning it for August 7th I don't want to say it is a going away party because I just can't so I am calling it a We love you party!!

I have been kind of down this week I think it's just because the days are just going by way too fast for me right now seems like it was just mother's day and it's almost 4th of July. I am really hating the fact that August is coming and I am fighting it tooth and nail everyday.



  1. Your stitchery looks great. I'll keep the situation for Matthew in my prayers. Have a great evening.

  2. Beautiful stitching! Sure hope Matthew won't have to deploy--I wish none of them would have to. Glad you got to clean under your furniture! My mom used to like to change things up every so often, but it would always end up back where she started! :)

  3. Hi Joanna,
    How pretty. I love to stitch too. I have so enjoyed your blog. We have so much in common. I look forward to getting to know you better.
    Hugs and Blessings,

    Hi Molly and Mandy,
    I have enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about you. You are just like me. I have my mommy wrapped around my paws. stop by and visit me sometimes. i blog on my mommy's blog.
    Miss Candi


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