Tuesday, June 29, 2010

organized and inventoried pantry

Thanks to my wonderful husband Roger our pantry and big freezer are all organized and we have an inventory of what we have. I had mentioned to Roger that I was wanting to inventory the pantry and that it would take less time and be easier to have his help. All I was wanting to do was have him read off what we had on our shelves and I would write it down, but instead he totally reorganized the entire pantry!! I got the list made up and it turned out really nice
Organized pantry~
We also inventoried the big freezer in the garage but I don't have a picture of it :)
On Sunday we went to Walmart for a few items and came home with this large thermometer, to hang in our backyard. Roger put it up on Sunday and on Monday I took this picture~
As you can tell it was well over 100' and that is on the back patio in the shade! I really like it because I can see it out the back window. I don't like having the dogs out in the heat, yes they are a little spoiled but I figure if I am hot then I know they are hot and I don't want them out when it is so hot.
I also don't have any pictures of the stitchery I am working on. I am very much like a snail or slug when it comes to stitching,I love to do it but I am very slow at it plus I have carpel tunnel real bad in my right hand and it never fails after stitching for a little while my hand will go numb and I have to wait for the feeling to come back before I can continue. I will post a picture when I get it done. I started the one that says Share Faith, Offfer Prayer and Gather Hope, have finished almost all the words and then onto the outside where the outline is with twigs.
I am praying everyone is having a good week so far. I have also been reading a book about setting boundaries with adult children along with a book by Stomie Omartian called The power of Praying for your adult children. These are both really good books. Then after reading Courtney's blog I also dusted off my copy of The power of the praying wife and have been in prayer for my husband everytime I see my wedding ring on my hand. This is such a good suggestion.


  1. Hello dear friend it has been just as hot here, that the children can not play outside until dusk because I don't want them to have a heat stroke.....I just wanted you to know that the family is doing great and little miss Kenzie is doing good. I will talk to you soon.

  2. You have got some good reads on the go. Good for you (and Roger :) ) for getting your pantry in order. It helps so much to know where your at for the next grocery shop. Prayer for your spouse can reveal so much of God's work in our lives. You have a wonderful blog Joann!


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