Monday, May 31, 2010

A little bit of this and that...

On Tuesday this past week I took Mandy to the vet for her spaying surgery. I picked her up Wednesday morning, she came home and started licking her inscision area. I called the vet and they said that wasn't good and to keep her from doing that. Well it is very hard to keep a puppy from licking unless you hold them every moment and since I couldn't do that of course the area opened back up. Saturday morning she was back at the vets office and they put some surgical glue on the spot and put a collar on her. She was not very happy about that. She is still trying to get it off but she has to wear it until next weekend.

This is her before going to the vet on Saturday~

And this is her after going to the vet on Saturday~

On Friday we started the flooring project, Roger worked all day including overtime and still came home and started tearing carpet out. This is the hallway with the ugly old carpet~

Here is the hallway after the carpet was pulled up~

The hallway done except for the trim~

THis is looking from the hallway into the living room~

The living room before~

The living room during~

Roger worked very hard and by Sunday night it was all done!

The living room all done~

I think the new flooring looks so nice with the black tv stand and bookcases~

I love the look of the new flooring and it has made the house look so pretty and light with the light colored floor.

I was also lucky enough to see Katie and Jennifer this weekend, here is a cute picture I took of Katie by the pool~

Have a wonderful week ahead

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  1. Poor Mandy... she'll be fine! And those new floors are wonderful! I want so much to pull up my carpet and put hardwood down all over... so much more dog friendly!!! Katie looks like she is having fun by the pool... looks like a great weekend for you and your family!


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