Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dylan got an award at school for being caring!!

I went over to Jennifer's yesterday to go to Dylan's school for their assembly. Dylan was getting an award and this was important for me to be there. Roger wished he could have gone but he had to work. The award was for Caring showing care to another child or adult. For Dylan this is such a good thing, he has been struggling with ADHD for a while now and I am so proud of him for his accomplishments. He is a wonderful child.

Here he is with his award~

Here is a picture of both of us~

We went out to Lowes the other night and bought our new back door, I really like it because it has a screen and window built into it. Our house is very dark most of the time and anything that will let light in is great. Now we don't have to have the door open and a screen door. I can get both light and air from this new window in the door. Roger is working on it right now as I am typing this post. I will post again when he is done so you can see the new door.

Our back door as it is right now~

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