Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's day gifts and Jennifer's birthday party

I didn't make a post after Mother's day because believe it or not I did not take any pictures :(

I did however take a few pictures of the purse I got and what I gave Jennifer.

My new purse~

Jennifer's Mother's day gift~

The back of her gift~

Jennifer drinks lots of coffee and loves cups, I thought this particular cup was just so cute, very girlie looking and she also loves Faith Hill so anything the the word Faith on it is something she would love.

Thursday I was waiting for our new flooring to be delivered and here it is, lots and lots of it~

Here is a close up of it, the name of the color is something like splatted beach, I like it because it is nice and light~

I know it will be a big project for Roger to do but I am sure as always it will get done beautifully. He also installed the last door, we have now replaced every old door including closet doors, that is a total of 15 doors, three or four of them are steel outside doors and the rest are all inside doors that are white with 6 panels on them. Makes the house look newer with the old dark doors gone.

Saturday we had a get together for Jennifer's birthday, I had asked first if her and Chris had made any plans for her birthday but they hadn't and so we offered to give her a party after all we are her parents! We had at first planned on just having some cake but then Roger decided to go ahead and have dinner too. We ended up having BBQ chicken (Roger is the best BBQ er I know) a big salad and some corn on the cob. We had 12 people including Roger's mom and a very good friend of the family named Bill.

Katie came as cute as she always is~

And she can always find the dirtiest place to play :) We have all the nice pretty grass we put in and she still found a small dirt area to play in ~

Here she is trying to look out our back gate at the park behind our home~

After dinner was cake time and present time. I had ordered Jennifer an Amy Knapp Christian family organizer just like mine but they haven't gotten here yet so we just gave her a card and also Roger had made a couple of Cd's for her. One was Point of Grace and the other was Kutless

Here is the cake~

And here is Jennifer, Katie and the cake~

So that's what's been going on around here. Praying that everyone has a wonderful Week ahead.

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  1. sounds like a lovely time wa shad by all,well done-cheers Vickie


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