Saturday, May 1, 2010

The door is done!!

I am one very happy wife right now. MY wonderful hard working husband has put the new back door in.

To give you and idea of how dark our living room is without a light on in the daytime here is a picture I took after the old door was taken out and the new one hadn't been put in yet~

In this next picture the door is in but not finished~

I took this photo with the overhead light on and it still seems dark to me. I am a person who loves light and air, Roger is completely opposite, he could care less if the whole house were dark and no fresh air and many times complains when I open a door or window in the end I usually win. I happen to be someone who gets hot fast, and he is not, I am always telling him if he is cold then put on a sweatshirt, when I am down to a shirt and shorts that's pretty much as far as I can go before I am naked!! Even when going to bed I have the bedroom windows open and he will be wearing sweat pants and sweatshirt and have all the blankets up around his neck and here I am with basically just a nightgown on and just a sheet and I still think it's hot. I also in the summer sleep with the ceiling fan on wich seems to help me because I like air flowing around me. Anyway enough about my air and light situation :)

Here is the finished door~

Isn't it beautiful, I love the fact that it has a window and a screen, mainly so I can get both light and air in the house but also you can see the backyard when you walk into our home now. I can also keep and eye on the dogs when they are outside without having to open the door. I think our cat won't like it too much because he loves to look outside, but he can still see out the front door.

Have a wonderfule weekend fellow blogger friends


  1. Oh Goodnes, Joann, Kevin and I are the same way. I want lots of light and air. He wants it dark and hot. I usually win too. LOL Your door looks great. Your dh did a wonderful job on installing it. Have a good Sunday, my friend. Winona

  2. Very nice! I am with you, need air and light, and the ability to see outside! Hubby says he can make me a sewing room in the basement, but no way, I would feel claustriphobic (sp?) But dear hubby is with you, gotta sleep with a fan, no matter what the temp, while I am covered up to my ears! :o) Anyways, your new door looks great!

  3. Hi Joann, I left you a conversation on Etsy, and I emailed you too, about your order. Sorry to use a comment for business...I just wanted to get hold of you as soon as I could. Feel free to remove my comment after you've seen it. :) Thanks! Alesha from Alesha Kay's Shop


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